Historical background


Aircraft-Carrying Heavy Cruisers «Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov»
Aircraft-Carrying Heavy Cruisers «Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov»
Floating Command-and-Measurement Complex “Kosmonaut Vladimir Komarov” (Project 1917)

Nevskoe Design Bureau (NDB) is the oldest bureau of military shipbuilding in this country. It was established in January 18, 1931 by the order of «Souzverf» central department at all-union association of shipbuilding industry. The function of the new enterprise was a centralized performance of design and construction works on military shipbuilding aimed at renewal and further development of naval forces of Workers'-Peasants' Red Army, the former name of the Russian Navy.

Today the «Nevskoe Design Bureau» JSC is a leading planning and design bureau of shipbuilding industry in Russia. It is a central enterprise on designing and producing documentation for building, operational service, refitting and modernizing the largest and most challenging ocean-going warships – aircraft carriers and large landing ships, as well as shipborne aviation facilities and landing gears, take-off technical sections of shore-based testing and training facility of shipborne aviation.

Before the Great Patriotic War, more than a hundred ships and vessels were built to the NDB design, which made it possible not only to renew and increase the strength of Baltic and Black Sea fleet, but also lay down the foundation for creation of two more - Northern fleet and Pacific Ocean fleet.

Within the years of 1946 –1950 Nevskoe Design Bureau («ЦКБ-17» at that time) became a backbone for building up new teams of design engineers:«ЦКБ-53» (nowadays - Severnoe Design Bureau), «СКБК» and «ЦКБ-16» (in 1974 became a part of «Malakhit» Design Bureau). In 1950 the NDB had focused on creation of light gun cruisers, and when their construction was completed, performed works on designing ships and vessels of oceanic nuclear missile forces including the development of new models of weaponry and rocket-and-space equipment.

In 1958 the NDB started creation of Moscow-class antisubmarine cruisers and expeditionary oceanographic vessels (in 1966 – measurement system vessels) of Siberia and Chazhma classes; in 1963 – large landing ships (Voronezhskiy Komsomolets and Ivan Rogov-classes); in 1964 – floating rocket technical facilities; in 1966 – «Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov» floating command and tracking station for outer space exploration; in 1968 – Kiev, Admiral Kuznetsov and other heavy aircraft carrying cruisers. In total, within the period of 1931-1991 more than 300 ships and vessels of different classes and types were built under 45 design bureau projects at 16 shipyards in 10 cities of the country. The best design projects on ships construction were awarded the Lenin prize (1977) and ten Stalin and State prizes (1942-1981). Hundreds of design engineers of NDB staff were decorated with the USSR and Russian orders and medals. For the efforts undertaken by the NDB staff in the field of creation and development of emerging technology, the bureau was given the honourable orders of Lenin (1977), of the October revolution (1984) and presented with memorial man-of-war ensign (1982).

Since the middle of 1970ies the bureau has occupied the leading positions in national shipbuilding industry in the area of computer application in the process of design and construction of surface ships and vessels. The NDB implemented and integrated the computer resources support for ship manufacture, based on software-hardware system network and using networking technologies of data processing in corporate information system.

Since 1992 because of drastic reduction of Navy orders, the NDB has been actively participating in international projects in the frames of military-technical cooperation with foreign countries.